Roofing Service: Common Roof Designs and Materials to Take Into Account for Your Home

The Best Roof Styles and Materials for Your Home

Even though it’s rarely the first thing you see, a home’s roof conveys a lot about its design. It has a significant impact on a house’s external design as well as its structural design. Take this tour of the tops of houses, which includes descriptions of various roof styles and materials from professionals in the roofing service, to assist you in selecting the finest roof design for your house.

Hip Roof Design

One of the most prevalent types of roofing on homes nowadays is hip roofs. This type of roof has four sloping sides that join to create a peak or ridge at the top. Dormer windows and other elements that increase the amount of storage or living space under the roof are frequently integrated with it.

Gambrel Roof Style

Gambrel roofs have symmetrical downward slopes on both sides, with the sharper slope coming first and subsequently a more gradual angle. Homes built in the Dutch Colonial style, farms, and outbuildings like barns and sheds frequently have this type of roof. A gambrel roof can give off a more rustic or beautiful appearance, depending on the surrounding architectural elements.

Dutch Colonial Roof Design

The architecture of Dutch Colonial homes is characterized by gabled roofs with steeply sloping roof sides. The majority of the two external sides of a home’s second story are frequently covered by this sort of roof, choosing the roofing material and color highly obvious from the curb. Wood shakes and shingles are lovely natural roofing material possibilities, but be sure they have been treated to be fire-resistant. As an alternative, think about a synthetic replacement such as laminated composition shingles with a shake-like profile.

Clay Tile Roof

Roofs made of the tile draw attention with their striking color and texture. Clay tiles are common in the Southwest because they reflect the scorching sun away from the home, cooling the interior. They are frequently used in Spanish or Mediterranean-style homes. Even though it is costly, this kind of roof material is durable.

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